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IFG® was established in 2001 by several of the most prominent names in the California grape industry. Under the direction of renowned fruit geneticist Dr. David Cain, IFG has spent the past years focusing on creating table grape and cherry varieties to fill unmet consumer demands, as well as developing a team of committed professionals who will assist and protect our clients all around the world.


In 2001, prominent members of the California grape industry decided it was time to find solutions to the problems that have long faced fruit growers throughout the world.

One problem was the consumers' desire for new and different colors and flavors of fruits, combined with the fact that only the very largest agricultural corporations could afford to operate breeding programs to create new varieties. The even greater challenge was that once a popular new variety was available, over-planting and overproduction would often severely reduce profitability.

Jack Pandol, Jr., well known for his innovations in California agriculture, and the Stoller family, owners of Sunridge Nurseries, joined together to establish IFG - with the simple goal of making both superior new varieties and superior profit margins available to growers and marketers on every continent.

Under the talented leadership of renowned research scientist Dr. David Cain, IFG has collected and analyzed thousands of grape and stone fruit varieties from all over the world and combined them to produce fruit of superior taste and quality. IFG is now poised to offer several of the most durable and delicious varieties of grapes and cherries the world has ever seen.

State-Of-The-Art Laboratories and Greenhouses

IFG® has more than 80 acres of test fields and vineyards for traditional plant breeding of seedless grapes and stone fruits. Each year, more than a million blossoms are carefully hand emasculated then pollinated with pollen of various varieties chosen for their genetically desirable traits.