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Table Grape Perfection

At IFG®, we realize that finding the perfect table grape isn't just a matter of flavor and texture. For a grape variety to be perfect for you, it must grow well in your soil and climate, and must consistently return to you, the growers and marketers, a superior profit margin.

That is why at IFG we have invested years of developing cultivars that are becoming as well known for their resilience and adaptability as they are for their extraordinary fruit, and have added a unique world-wide licensing program that prevents over-production. Our grapes are designed to precisely meet existing consumer demands and our acreage restrictions ensure that the demand will steadily continue.

Cherries that Can Handle the Heat

IFG has also brought the same principles of world-class varieties and carefully controlled production to the world's growing cherry market. To expand opportunities for growers in warmer climates, IFG has developed varieties of "low chill" cherries that require fewer hours of cold temperatures for proper development.

Growing Successfully

Established in California's Central Valley in 2001, IFG provides cutting-edge varieties of table grapes and stone fruits for an increasingly sophisticated world market.

Our clients have access not only to exciting new varieties, but to ongoing expert planning, support and technical advice. Establishing a new variety is a significant investment of time and money for any grower, and at IFG we are committed to protecting that investment through our acreage restrictions, our quality standards and our world-wide patent protection.

Our Success is Your Success

IFG® is only successful if our partners are successful - so from quarantine to test plots to full-scale commercial production, IFG is there with support, assistance and expertise.

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