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IFG® Grapes

Exotic black grapes with Muscat flavors; crisp white grapes that burst like sweet liquid sunshine in your mouth; highly productive seedless grapes that are easier and less labor-intensive to produce.

The new IFG® table grape varieties are the perfect blend of poetry and profit - designed to fit the "niches" in the table grape industry no existing variety can fill.

Since 2001, IFG has grown more than 75,000 grape seedlings. Several dozen promising varieties are in various stages of development, including a mid-season white grape and a mid-season red grape.

Trademark Name Cultivar Name
Sweet SurrenderTM IFG 31-077
Sweet SunshineTM IFG 104-253
Sweet CelebrationTM IFG 68-175
Sweet RomanceTM IFG Four
Sweet JubileeTM IFG Five
Sweet SapphireTM IFG Six
Cotton CandyTM IFG Seven
Sweet EnchantmentTM IFG Eight
Jack's SaluteTM IFG Nine
Sweet GlobeTM IFG Ten
Sugar CrispTM IFG Eleven
Funny FingersTM IFG Twelve
Sweet SecretsTM IFG Thirteen
Sweet MayabelleTM IFG Fourteen
Sweet SurpriseTM IFG Fifteen
Sweet FavorsTM IFG Sixteen
Sweet JoyTM IFG Seventeen
Sweet NectarTM IFG Eighteen
Candy HeartsTM IFG Nineteen
Candy CrunchTM IFG Twenty
Candy SnapsTM IFG Twenty-One
Candy DreamsTM IFG Twenty-Two
Candy DropsTM IFG Twenty-Three
TBD IFG Twenty-Four
Sweet MagicTM IFG Twenty-Five
Sweet BondTM IFG Twenty-Six