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Partnering with IFG®

Bringing a new variety of table grapes or stone fruit to successful commercial production is a long process and involves a long-term relationship between licensee and patent-owner. At IFG®, we have proven we have the kind of financial backing, scientific resources and professional standards required to make such a relationship a positive, profitable experience.

About Licenses

Every IFG licensee receives the utmost level of commitment and care along with the right to plant an exciting new variety. We are only successful if our partners are successful - so from quarantine to test plots to full-scale commercial production, IFG is there with support, assistance and expertise.

Potential patent infringement is always a concern - for us and for our licensees. That is why we have created a legal team that can span the globe. If you are considering investing in our cultivars, we want you to know that at IFG we take defending the investments and the rights of our growers very seriously.

Growing Successfully

Established in California's Central Valley in 2001, IFG® provides cutting-edge varieties of table grapes and stone fruits for an increasingly sophisticated world market.