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Since our inception in 2001, IFG has been guided by

one simple but bold vision:

To be the leading provider of fruit varieties in the world, using natural breeding practices to provide consumers with an incredible eating experience.

IFG sets the pace as an innovator and global leader in its collaboration with licensed growers and key partners all over the world to help make our vision a reality. The global IFG family works with an eye on today and tomorrow to continue to inspire the fruit world by breeding new, vibrant, and flavor packed varieties to bring special and unique fruit to the markets.

Sweet Surrender™

IFG 31-077

Sweet Sunshine™

IFG 104-253

Sweet Celebration™

IFG 68-175

Sweet Romance™

IFG Four

Sweet Jubilee™

IFG Five

Sweet Sapphire™


Cotton Candy™

IFG Seven

Sweet Enchantment™

IFG Eight

Jack's Salute™

IFG Nine

Sweet Globe™


Sugar Crisp™

IFG Eleven

Funny Fingers™

IFG Twelve

Sweet Secrets™

IFG Thirteen

Sweet Mayabelle™

IFG Fourteen

Sweet Surprise™

IFG Fifteen

Sweet Favors™

IFG Sixteen

Sweet Joy™

IFG Seventeen

Sweet Nectar™

IFG Eighteen

Candy Hearts™

IFG Nineteen

Candy Crunch™

IFG Twenty

Candy Snaps™

IFG Twenty-one

Candy Dreams™

IFG Twenty-two

Candy Drops™

IFG Twenty-three


IFG Twenty-four

Sweet Magic™

IFG Twenty-five

Sweet Bond™

IFG Twenty-six


IFG Thirty


IFG Thirty-one


IFG Thirty-two


IFG Thirty-three


IFG Thirty-six


IFG Thirty-seven

The Delicious

Fruits of Our Labor

IFG is renowned worldwide for its innovative fruit-breeding programs that have changed the way consumers and retailers think and experience grapes and other fruits. IFG’s headquarters is located in California’s fertile Central Valley. Our researchers at, Fruitworks | The IFG Discovery Center, use a GMO-free process pioneered by world renowned research scientist Dr. David Cain to develop incredible new varieties of delicious table grapes and early-ripening sweet cherries.

Growing Better

Growing Smarter

In 2001, IFG started with one bold but simple vision: to create the best tasting table grapes and sweet cherries on earth.  Our focus is to develop special and unique fruit that creates sensational taste and excitement with consumers. Our Lead Breeder, Dr. Chris Owens, is bringing new and advanced technology to our research with aim to find more intriguing and exciting selections. IFG has a continual flow of innovative varieties in our pipeline that will continue to up end the industry over and over again.

Our Blossoming


IFG is devoted to revolutionizing cherries as we know them. Thanks to our latest world class developments and committed cherry team, we are offering an exceptional level of expertise and service to match our remarkable product selection. Our program develops low – high chill varieties that become adaptable to more regions around the world which will expand global cherry production.

Cheery Grand™

IFG Cher-one

Cheery Burst™

IFG Cher-two

Cheery Crunch™

IFG Cher-three

Cheery Blush™

IFG Cher-four

Cheery Treat™

IFG Cher-five

Cheery Glow™

IFG Cher-six

Cheery Moon™

IFG Cher-seven

Cheery Nebula™

IFG Cher-eight

Cheery Chap™

IFG Cher-nine

Cheery Cupid™

IFG Cher-ten

No Need for GMO

Genetic engineering is not what we do. Rather, IFG has developed highly specialized best practices with traditional and natural breeding techniques taken to a whole new level of scientific sophistication. We have more than 160 acres of test fields at our Fruitworks | The IFG Discovery Center in McFarland, California where each year over a million fruit blossom. These blossoms are pollinated with a variety of desirable traits to produce plump, juicy fruit that often exceeds the demands of retailers and fruit wholesalers. Our varietals delight the taste buds of consumers of all ages!

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