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IFG is devoted to revolutionizing cherries as we know them. Thanks to our latest world class developments and committed cherry team, we are offering an exceptional level of expertise and service to match our remarkable product selection. Our program develops low – high chill varieties that become adaptable to more regions around the world which will expand global cherry production.

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Traditionally, a lot of chill hours are required to grow a great cherry - but IFG is changing that. Marketers in South America and South Africa are already very excited about our "low chill" cherry varieties. Until now, most cherry trees have required 800-1000 hours of temperatures ranging from 35° to 42° Fahrenheit. IFG has created varieties of cherries that need less than half that much.

IFG has over 50 cherry selections on test. These selections include both traditional dark red types and new blush types. They were selected for having very few doubled fruits, combined with large size, firmness and flavor. Many exhibited very little cracking after severe rains.

We are continuing our evaluations to determine which will consistently produce outstanding fruit especially in the warmest areas of cherry growing regions. We already have successful commercial plantings in several countries such as Chile, South Africa, Spain and Australia with ten of our trademarked varieties.

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